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  • Stop stressing so much

    “Once upon a time a psychology professor walked around on a stage while teaching stress management principles to an auditorium filled with students. As she raised a glass of water, everyone expected they’d be asked the typical ‘glass half empty or glass half full’ question. Instead, with a smile on her face, the professor asked,...

  • The Right Place

    A mother and a baby camel were lying around under a tree.

    Then the baby camel asked, “Why do camels have humps?”

    The mother camel considered this and said, “We are desert animals so we have the humps to store water so we can survive with very little water.”

    The baby camel thought for a...

  • Stop wasting your time complaining

    “People visit a wise man complaining about the same problems over and over again. One day, he decided to tell them a joke and they all roared with laughter.

    After a few minutes, he told them the same joke and only a few of them smiled.

    Then he told the same joke for a third time, but...

  • Ignore the haters

    “A group of frogs were traveling through the forest when two of them fell into a deep pit. When the other frogs saw how deep the pit was, they told the two frogs that there was no hope left for them.

    However, the two frogs ignored their comrades and proceeded to try to jump out of the pit....

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Think It, Want It, Get It.
Updated On - 2022-04-27 06:32:17
Think Big, Trust Yourself and Make it Happen.
Updated On - 2022-04-22 09:02:18
The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched — they must be felt with the heart
Updated On - 2022-03-10 11:55:28
If not now, When ?
now positive quotes

If not now, When ?

Updated On - 2022-03-06 11:24:06
Change is the end result of all true learning.
Updated On - 2022-03-02 11:30:56
Believing in yourself is the first secret to Success.
Updated On - 2022-02-24 11:47:31
Things have a way of working themselves out if we just remain positive.
Updated On - 2022-02-21 10:43:42
No regrets in Life, Just Lessons LEARNED.
Updated On - 2022-02-20 09:00:38

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